A Dysfunctional Marriage – By Hasan Rizvi

8 Jun

Some relationships require marriage counselors. These counselors come in many forms. They can be close friends or even a professional whose sole aim in life is to resolve issues in relationships; these people are known as therapists. In many cases these so called therapists are seen to be quite useful, however there is one particular case which no therapist or counselor on earth can resolve: the relationship between the United States and Pakistan. This is most certainly a dysfunctional marriage. Continue reading


The success and failure of the euro and the Greek drama – By George Konstantinidis

7 Jun

“The euro is much more than just a currency, it is a symbol of European integration in every sense of the word” Wim Duisenberg – former chief of the European Central Bank, 30th August 2001.

Continue reading

Can Europe beat Germany? – By Nadim Souss

6 Jun

The financial situation in Europe is by no means simple. With Greece still recovering from a huge financial meltdown, the debt-ridden governments of both Italy and Spain look to be next in this financial apocalypse. Within the ‘fatherland’, Angela Merkel is still calling for austerity measures, while the rest of Europe seems to have lost its interest in what some are calling ‘the new European republic’. The ruling right wing coalitions in many countries responsible for this debacle are one after the other being ousted from power. The election of François Hollande in France and the strengthening of SYRIZA (coalition of the radical left) in Greece, is a strong sign that the tide is turning and that the severe programmes long-favoured by many as a recipe for economic recovery at the expense of the social welfare are no longer to be accepted by the governed. Continue reading

The Irony of Empire: Why the Diamond Jubilee is the triumph of Britain without empire – By Alastair Stewart

5 Jun

Of all the transformations to have taken place during her sixty-year reign, none can be more apparent to Queen Elizabeth II than the transformation of Britain’s role in the world. But is the story of decline, and fall, of the British Empire as unassuming as it seems?  Continue reading

Why we love The Queen, and why I am saying thank you – By Max Kuhnke

4 Jun

This long Jubilee weekend, peoples all around the world are celebrating the 60 glorious years that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has reigned over the United Kingdom and indeed the Commonwealth. But it is not only a celebration, but also an opportunity for us to give voice to our thanks for the great service HM has so graciously performed. Continue reading

What Happened to Kony 2012? – By Tiffany Brittingham

1 Jun

Nearly six months before the viral release of the video “Kony 2012” by the non-profit Invisible Children (IC), conservative American pundit Rush Limbaugh was already calling his listeners to attention to the on-goings of Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)—with quite a different theme. Continue reading

Massacre in Houla: Isn’t it Time for Concrete Action? – By Nadine Tewfik-Saad

31 May

How much “pressure” will international leaders apply before they take concrete action? Tuesday’s announcement that Syrian ambassadors were being expelled from Britain, France, Australia, Germany and other Western nations in response to the Massacre in Houla certainly broke headlines, but did it shock members of the Assad regime into taking notice? Continue reading