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The Irony of Empire: Why the Diamond Jubilee is the triumph of Britain without empire – By Alastair Stewart

5 Jun

Of all the transformations to have taken place during her sixty-year reign, none can be more apparent to Queen Elizabeth II than the transformation of Britain’s role in the world. But is the story of decline, and fall, of the British Empire as unassuming as it seems?  Continue reading


Why we love The Queen, and why I am saying thank you – By Max Kuhnke

4 Jun

This long Jubilee weekend, peoples all around the world are celebrating the 60 glorious years that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has reigned over the United Kingdom and indeed the Commonwealth. But it is not only a celebration, but also an opportunity for us to give voice to our thanks for the great service HM has so graciously performed. Continue reading

When politics shouldn’t come into it. Heathrow’s third runway – By Alex Stockler

30 May

Heathrow is London’s enfant terrible. Delays, crowds, queues, and cancellations are all daily features of the centre of UK, and some say world aviation.  Almost all of the problems that Heathrow faces could be solved by one thing, building a third runway.  However, there is one slight problem. No party wants to be the one to finally give the idea a green light; it would be political suicide. Why? Primarily NIMBY syndrome, and also a fair whack of environmentalism. Yet, I’ll bet anything that all politicians (except perhaps the green party) want to do it. Continue reading

Was Nadine Dorries right to criticise Cameron? – By Aidan Press

27 Apr

Just a few weeks after the heavily criticised budget, both David Cameron and George Osborne have found themselves under fire again.  This time, however, the bullets have come from within their own ranks with Mid-Bedfordshire’s MP, Nadine Dorries, directing her frustration at the two former Bullingdon Club members.

I would just like to point out at this stage that I have an enormous amount of respect for all three of Cameron, Osborne and Dorries but, here, I just want to focus on Dorries and the Prime Minister.  In this article, I want to explore whether, or not, Dorries was right to criticise the Prime Minister. Continue reading