Our Contributors

We are thrilled to have a global community of contributors. Below you can find out more about who is involved with the IPF. Contributors will be added as posts are published.

Natasha Lipman, London, United Kingdom – Founder & Director

Natasha is the founder of the International Political Forum. Natasha grew up in London, England. After graduating high school, she went to Paris, France to learn French and “find herself”. This led her to pursue her BA (Hons) in International Relations from Regent’s American College in London. Natasha is now a postgraduate student of International Relations at Webster Graduate School and an intern at Yachad UK. With the IPF, she hopes to create an online space for discussion of international current affairs and policy, representing the views of young people from all over the world. Natasha’s main areas of interest are the Arab-Israeli conflict and US domestic and foreign policy. Natasha is happiest when she’s travelling, and when she’s not you will often find her with her nose stuffed in a good book! Follow Natasha on Twitter @natashalipman

Katy Goodman, Roswell, GA, USA – Editor

Katy Goodman has recently graduated from Auburn University with a BA in English Language and Literature along with a concentration in Psychology and History. She is currently studying for her Masters in English Composition and Rhetoric at Auburn, where she teaches English Composition courses.  In her free time Katy greatly enjoys playing football (soccer), riding horses, kick boxing, and volunteering with wildlife conservation organizations. She is an outdoor enthusiast and has a deep passion for culture, the humanities, language, and writing. She is also somewhat of a video-game geek. Katy is also a freelance editor.

Tiffany Brittingham, Nottingham, PA, USA

Tiffany is currently a graduate student at Webster Graduate School London in the International Non-Governmental Organizations MA program. Prior to coming to London, she worked as a youth and family social worker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her passion for international civil society began with work experiences at the grassroots level in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Tegucigalpa, Honduras; and Cape Town, South Africa. It is her passion to work with NGOs/IGOs on education, animal protection, development and women’s rights. When she is not pondering the follies of society, she is wandering the world with her fiancee, kayaking with her family, collecting stray cats, and pwning n00bs on her PS3.

Rebecca Collier, Cambridge, UK & Greenwich, CT, USA

Rebecca Collier is a British-American who is a recent graduate of Webster University in London, receiving a BA in International Business Management with a minor in International Relations. Rebecca’s main areas of interest are researching the Sex Trafficking Trade and how it is affected by Globalisation, and victims of Sexual Violence particularly in third world countries. In her spare time Rebecca is an avid traveller, fitness fanatic, runner and is currently training for an Olympic distance triathlon. In October she will be relocating to Hong Kong to start a new job.

Víctor Julio Galicia, Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Víctor Julio Galicia is from Venezuela, he assisted at the La Salle catholic school and high school. Right after he was admitted to the Law School of the Universidad Fermín Toro. After his final essay in Constitutional Legislation, passionate about languages, he headed to Paris for a semester of French and went back to South America where he attended both Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador universities, based in Caracas, where he obtained a course-based master degree in Administrative Law and a research-based master degree in Higher Education, respectively, and developed a couple of investigations in The Effects Of Restrictions to the Economy and The Public University Autonomy in Venezuela. He has worked as an independent legal assistant and as a teacher of Administrative Law at his Alma Mater. From a very young age he was interested in politics, international relations, human rights, history, languages and arts. Follow Víctor on Twitter: @vjgaliciap

George Konstantinidis, Greece

George  is a Greek who has been living permanently in the UK since 1990, with dual Greek and British Nationality. He has studied Sociology, Accountancy and Business Finance and after a long career as an auditor, he worked as Financial Director in various sectors. He is now managing his own portfolio of businesses in UK, and provides consultancy to top management in various businesses. He is also a partner in a venture capital firm. He is an ex-boxer and qualified boxing coach in the UK, but he spends a lot of time analysing national UK and European politics. He has recently shown a commitment to the Greek financial crisis, which he watches carefully and reports on often. His other hobby is writting and he is currently in the process of writing two books. His political views are that freedom and democracy should never be compromised.

Max Kuhnke, Henley on Thames, United Kingdom 

Max has been working recently as an Intelligence Analyst, primarily focused on the 2011/2012 revolution in Libya. He has recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Law as well as graduating Cum Laude with a BA (Hons) degree in International Relations with a minor in Management.
Max has worked at the British Embassy, Washington DC and for multiple Members of Parliament in the House of Commons. He is currently pursuing multiple career paths, including the Law and a commission in the British Army.

Bongani Ncube, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Bongani Ncube is a graduate Computer Science student & British Council Global Changemaker, born in Zimbabwe, educated in Algeria and currently living in South Africa and not certain what to call himself anymore. When not looking for a new home, he writes short stories and articles on anything close to his heart. Read Bongani’s blog here.

Elisa Peñaherrera, Quito, Ecuador

Elisa Peñaherrera is 21 years old and is from Quito, Ecuador. She studied school and high school at the SEK International School. After graduating she went to Paris to study French for nine months, where she discovered she was passionate about languages, traveling and other cultures. Therefore she returned to Quito to study International Business and International Relations, which required her to dominate at least two languages with the opportunity to learn more. Currently she is learning German and Chinese, but she still a beginner! Next year she will be finishing her studies. She loves animals, especially dogs – at the moment she lives in Quito with her seven dogs and would like to have an organization that helps to protect animal rights.

Aidan Press, Derby, United Kingdom

Aidan Press is from Derby, United Kingdom and is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Warwick studying Politics with International Studies.  Aidan’s main areas of interest are the politics of the right in both the United Kingdom and the United States and the war on terror.  Aside from his involvement in the world of politics, Aidan is a keen follower of football and a lover of music.

Hasan Rizvi, Islamabad, Pakistan

Hasan Yusuf Rizvi is from Islamabad, Pakistan where he received his High School education from the International School of Islamabad. He also holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations from Regent’s College London. He is also seeking a post graduate degree in Management & Leadership from Webster University. Also, having spent his first year of college at the American University of Rome, Hasan has gained significant international experience. His encounters with individuals from all over the world has further enhanced the way he looks at the world today. He was also Vice-President of the Middle East Society at Regent’s College. Hasan has held various short-term jobs at KPMG, Ernst & Young as well as the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund. Hasan’s main interests lie in Politics, International Affairs and Sports.

Nadine Tewfik-Saad, London, United Kingdom

Nadine’s background is both multi-national and multi-cultural. Born and raised in Jordan, she is part English – part Egyptian, and has spent the past ten years relocating across three continents.  She began her career as a teacher in Jordan. After moving back to the UK in 2010, she began working in the Political Section of a London-based embassy, where she truly found her passion. Her main areas of interest include current Middle Eastern affairs, UK foreign policy and education in international development. She loves travel, writing, literature, experiencing new cultures and learning to cook.

Andrew Sklover, Morristown, NJ, USA

Andrew Sklover is a graduate of Monmouth University and is currently involved in real estate in Manhattan, as well as that of developing countries. In his free time he enjoys political involvement, foreign policy analysis, investments and American football. Born and raised in New Jersey as a Republican, he has come to realize the importance of open markets, free and fair trade and the individual’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He looks forward to sharing his thoughts with the international community.

Alastair Stewart, Edinburgh, Scotland

Alastair Stewart is an International Relations graduate of the University of Edinburgh. Alastair’s main areas of interest are the history of the Conservative Party, Scottish political history, British imperial history, contemporary British politics and the application of realist theory to international politics.  He is politically active in his native Edinburgh and is a keen writer on history and politics. He loves literature, writing, seeing new places and foreign cinema. Read Alastair’s blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

Nadim Souss, Jerusalem, Palestine

Nadim Souss is a Palestinian-American. He has recently graduated from Webster University in
London with a BA in Social Sciences. He speaks three languages, and has numerous qualifications in the fields of music and the arts. His main areas of interest are along the lines of the Arab/Israeli conflict, economic relations between states, and US foreign policy. He is currently enrolled in a Postgraduate program at Webster Graduate School in Management and Leadership. At the moment he lives in the United Kingdom. You can email Nadim at nadimsouss@gmail.com

Kurt Steiner, Buffalo, NY, USA

Kurt Steiner is from the United States of America and is currently an undergraduate student at the University of New Hampshire studying business. Kurt has a passion for traveling the world and immersing himself in the culture of other countries. He is as passionate about film and finds that the way people tell their stories tells a lot about their culture. He believes that politics is important to the future of the world, and the less sabre rattling and the more talking the better we will be.

Alex Stockler, London, United Kingdom

Alex Stockler hails from London where he attended St Paul’s School specializing in Economics, Geography and Languages (in particular French and German). He went on to study geography at the University of Cambridge, where through studying for a BA (hons) in geography he focused his studies on the socio-economic aspects of his discipline. After graduation he started
working as a financial analyst for a travel management company that works exclusively with charities. Outside his day job, as well as being fascinated by current affairs, he is passionate about music, chairs an amateur orchestra, follows F1 religiously and voices his opinion to whoever will listen!


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