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A Dysfunctional Marriage – By Hasan Rizvi

8 Jun

Some relationships require marriage counselors. These counselors come in many forms. They can be close friends or even a professional whose sole aim in life is to resolve issues in relationships; these people are known as therapists. In many cases these so called therapists are seen to be quite useful, however there is one particular case which no therapist or counselor on earth can resolve: the relationship between the United States and Pakistan. This is most certainly a dysfunctional marriage. Continue reading


Bigger is not always better – By Andrew Sklover

15 May

When President Barak Obama addressed US armed forces at Baghram AFB on May 2, he spoke to the Strategic Partnership Agreement that had just been signed. Regarding the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Obama stated that “we’re not going to do it overnight, we’re not going to do it irresponsibly, we are going to make sure that the gains, the hard fought gains that have been made are preserved.” But to what strategic extent will we be able to guarantee this? Continue reading