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Massacre in Houla: Isn’t it Time for Concrete Action? – By Nadine Tewfik-Saad

31 May

How much “pressure” will international leaders apply before they take concrete action? Tuesday’s announcement that Syrian ambassadors were being expelled from Britain, France, Australia, Germany and other Western nations in response to the Massacre in Houla certainly broke headlines, but did it shock members of the Assad regime into taking notice? Continue reading


Could Syria’s uprising lead to a regional conflict? – By Nadim Souss

29 May

With the mounting tensions provoked by the on-going uprising against the Assad regime in Syria, one question arises: are we on the verge of a new regional war?

Syria is by no means an isolated country; it borders countries such as Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq. Its geographical situation makes it a prime candidate for a full-fledged conflict between the Arabs and the West on one side and Russia and Iran on the other.  According to Andrew Tabler, a Syria expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy Weapons, “already, weapons have been coming in from Lebanon. You will now see more coming in from Jordan, from Turkey, from Iraq or from Russia. Everyone will start to operate in this environment.” Continue reading